Best Butterflies So Glad You Exist

Jun 11, 2022 | Annual Catalog, Creative, Product Suite

One of my favorite things to do is create backgrounds-especially watercolor. Often times I will just sit and make backgrounds not knowing if they will ever make it to a card or not. There are many ways you can create a watercolor background and for this card my process was simple. I used the back of a stamp (to get a more solid impression) on a glass mat (you can use one of your clear cutting plates), sprayed with water and laid my paper over the top. I like to keep a paper towel on hand to catch any drips once I pick up the paper. I like to turn the paper different directions and let the water take the lead. Once the paper is dry I cut it to the size I want for my card. I also love to die cut from watercolor backgrounds (like I did with the butterflies on this card) because you can get such an amazing gradient of color.

This card is super simple-make space for any sentiment you want to use and cut the panel accordingly. Then adhere your butterflies and some embellishments. If you would like to see the assembly of this card (which was a hot mess) you can view the replay of my Live here.

I have made a full product list below for your convenience and provided measurements should you like to recreate this card.



Top Panel- 4×2.75

Bottom Panel-4×2


Product List


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